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Race Information

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A course specifically designed to get you to Boston!



Featuring a net downhill, (thanks to a gentle grade on the 1.8 mile starting spur), the 3.05 mile loop course offers plenty of shade, scenic views of parks and forest preserves bordering the river, and a glimpse of downtown Batavia.


Course Support

The 8 loop course means 16 Aid Stations, 8 rounds at the Elite Water Bottle table (yes, you are treated like an elite runner in this one), and plenty of opportunities for race-provided gel and of course, your own cheering section.


USATF Certification

Last Chance BQ.2 Packet Pickup

Pre-Race Packet Pickup
Friday, September 6th, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Fabyan Forest Preserve West, Pavilion

1925 S. Batavia Ave.(Route 31) Geneva, IL

Race Day Packet Pickup
Saturday, September 7th, 5:15 to 6:15 a.m.

Fabyan Forest Preserve West Entrance

1925 S. Batavia Ave.(Route 31) Geneva, IL

  1. Please bring your photo ID with a birth date (e.g., driver’s license) to pick up your packet. No packets will be given out without a valid photo ID.

  2. Only the registered runner will be able to pick up a packet.

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Runner Guide

Pace Team

Our thanks to Dick Pond Athletics for providing the BQ.2 Marathon Races Pace Team.
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Pacing you to your qualifying time would just ensure that you qualify but cannot run Boston.  Great for bragging rights, but your experience would end there.   We don’t just want you to register only to be shut out of the race.  We want to help you to the starting line at Hopkinton. The BQ.2 pace team will lead you to a finish time 3 minutes under your qualifying standard, so that finishing with your group not only gets you a qualifying time, but a time that could get you into Boston most years. Pace teams will be provided for every qualifying pace under 4:30 that has 5 or more registrants by 3/1 (spring) or 8/1 (fall), and at 4:30, when the race ends. The table below shows pacer goals. Runners are free to run with any pace group or on your own.   

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How many can you expect in your qualifying pace group?

While anyone may run with any group, ( a lot of you may be shooting for faster times than your qualifying standard), it is still a pretty good indication of how many of our runners you will be with on race day at the start, and hopefully at the finish.

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Personal Pacers are Prohibited

The entire BQ.2 Marathon Races staff, volunteers, and all official pacers are committed to help each runner achieve their goal of qualifying for Boston. For all runners to have their best chance on an uncrowded course, we ask that runners not run with personal pacers or coaches. Runners may be disqualified, at the discretion of the race directors. Runners who are looking for a faster finish time than our pace groups offer can run with their pace group for 14 miles and then 10 seconds faster per mile for the 

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