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NOTE: Our RUNNER’S GUIDE will have complete race weekend information. The runner guides for each race will be available the weeks leading up to the races.

Will this get me into Boston next the spring?

The Boston schedule is not solidified, but based on history and current Boston announcements, this will get you into the next.

Spring BQ will get you in. For fall, if previous year’s schedules hold, we are right in the sweet spot of an early fall marathon that, depending on your finish time,  gets you into Boston. We will keep you posted as we hear more from the BAA in summer, and as early registration progresses in September.

What race finish times do I need to make me eligible for the BQ.2 Marathon Races?

Please see our eligibility page for a current list of requirements.

Note: Eligibility times are waived …

  • 2/1 if the Spring race has not filled
  • 6/1 if the fall race has not filled

Can I use the half split of a full marathon or a virtual race to be eligible?

No, sorry but we accept only official finish times.

Once you are filled, do you have a waiting list, or can you ignore everyone else’s request and make an exception just for me please?

Sorry but once we are filled, we do not have a waiting list, nor do we make any exceptions to our course capacity limits.  In addition, there are absolutely NO exceptions to eligibility requirements unless the race is not filled by 6/1 (fall race) or 2/1 (spring race).Runners expect and deserve a great shot at their qualifying time, and too many runners on the course would be detrimental to their chances. Thanks for understanding.

Are there Pace Teams?

Yes, there are pace teams for the BQ.2 Marathon Races. See our Pace Team page for details.

How will the Elite water bottle tables work?

Get ready – you are about to be treated like an elite runner!
Bring bottles filled with your (preferably non-performance enhancing, non-alcoholic) drink of choice, and marked with your bib#. (Bib numbers and marking instructions will be available a few weeks before the race.)   Tables of 25-30 bottles each will be available along the route, (see the course map) based on last bib digit.

Table #1    bibs xx01,xx11, xx21, …xx91
Table #2   bibs xx02, xx12, xx22, …xx92

Table#10 bibs xx10, xx20, xx30, … xx90

Know your bib#, know your table location, and volunteers at each table will help insure you get the right bottle.

Bottles will be single use and runners may submit up to 7 total bottles. Bring your own bottles or purchase during Friday packet pickup. Runners are not required to participate in the Elite Water Bottle amenity and there is still one Aid Station with water and Gatorade approximately every 1.5 miles.

When / where is Packet Pickup?

Packet pickup will be available the Friday before the race and race morning. Check out Packet Pickup page for details.

Do you offer gear check?

Yes! April and September mornings on the Fox River can be cool, (average mid 50’s) so gear check will be available near the starting line to keep you comfortable right up to the starting gun.

Will there be Finisher Medals?

Absolutely.  Our medals have a familiar yellow / blue / silver theme and are always a big hit.  All finishers will get a medal regardless of whether or not you meet your qualification goal  (but we hope that you do!) as long as you finish within the 4:30:00 time limit.

Will there be Awards?

Prize Money – Not for this race.  The host organization offers prize money to overall categories with 1500 or more registrants*.  That is unlikely for the BQ.2 – Chicagoland races.

Overall Awards – Yes, for qualifying categories.  The host organization offers Overall awards to categories with 50 or more registrants*.  BQ.2 offers a “Champion” award for each of those categories.

Age Group Awards – Not for this race. While the host organization typically offers age group awards for groups with 5 or more registrants*, the size and purpose of this race make Boston qualification the award.

*Note: Registrant counts are tallied on the 1st of the month preceding the race. They can also be based on historical counts, if registrations have been significant in past years.

Are Race Shirts Included in My Packet?

Yes, entry includes a gender specific long-sleeve shirt in a familiar blue and yellow style that you will be proud to show to your fellow runners.

Is massage available after the race?

Yes! Post-race massage is returning to the BQ.2 Marathon Races.

I’ve registered but cannot run. Can I get a refund, deferral, or transfer?

Limited deferrals are available as follows**:

  • Spring BQ.2 runners can defer to the following year’s Spring Chance BQ.2*** or this year’s Last Chance BQ.2 for a fee.
    • Must complete deferral at the link below by 3/31
  • Fall BQ.2 runners can defer to the following year’s Spring Chance BQ.2*** or Last Chance BQ.2 for a fee.
    • Must complete deferral at the link below by 8/31

** Note: a limited number of deferrals to each race are available.

***Note: your eligibility race result time and date must meet next year’s eligibility requirements if you choose that option.

Questions? email us –

Questions? email us –

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