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Pacing you to your qualifying time

Pacing you to your qualifying time will just insure that you qualify but cannot run Boston.  Great for bragging rights, but your experience will end there.   We don’t just want you to register only to be shut out of the race.  We want to help you to the starting line at Hopkinton.

BQ2 will supply 13 pace teams that will lead you to a finish time 3 minutes under your qualifying standard, so that finishing with your group not only gets you a qualifying time, but a time that will get you into Boston.

The table below shows our goal for available pace teams, and recommends the team you should be joining to get you into Boston.      

  Age on Boston Race Day
Pace Team Men Women
2:57 18-34
3:02 35-39
3:07 40-44
3:17 45-49
3:22 50-54
3:27 18-34
3:32 55-59 35-39
3:37 40-44
3:47 60-64 45-49
3:52 50-54
4:02 65-69 55-59
4:17 70-74 60-64
4:30 75+ 65+

The BQ.2 Marathon Races pace team is provided by Dick Pond Racing

Boston Pace Splits!

Our Boston Pace Splits document contains independent lap and mile pace splits for each of the 13 BQ standards represented by our pace groups.  Because just meeting the Boston standard will not get you into Boston, 12 of these sets of splits (all except for 4:30) lead runners to 3 minutes under the standard, just as our pacers will.

The file format allows runners to DIY print, cut, and tape into mile or lap pace bands.

How many can you expect in your qualifying pace group?

Here is a breakdown of all of our 2020 Spring Chance BQ.2 runners’ qualifying standards.

While anyone may run with any group, ( a lot of you may be shooting for faster times than your qualifying standard), it is still a pretty good indication of how many of our 300 runners you will be with on race day at the start, and hopefully at the finish.

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Qualify for Boston

Take the best shot at Boston with an experienced race team whose goal is to do everything possible to get you and 300 other runners to the starting line in Hopkinton. BQ.2 Marathon Races are designed and focused solely to help runners get to the Boston starting line in Hopkinton, MA. With that focus, it should be no surprise that they were ranked as the qualifiers with the highest percentage of finishers.

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